Welcome to the Literature Lover's Hub of all things Literary

What's at the root of your interest in English Literature? Do you love writing poems or short stories? Are you a voracious reader of novels? Do you teach English? Are you a conscientious parent interested in the literacy of your child? Or did you arrive here because your grade 11 English teacher assigned an essay on Romeo and Juliet for next Monday, and you have no idea where to start?

Whatever your literary interests and needs, whether you're still partial to paper or would rather curl up with your kindle, our goal is to be your friendly pathway to the world of the written word.

The creators of this site have worn a lot of literary hats. We've taught English at high school and university, studied Literature as Graduate students, written fiction and poetry, conducted literary research, and have even built vacations around visiting literary landmarks. Of course, we've also been reading books since childhood, so like many lifelong readers our tastes range from The Mouse and the Motorcycle to Gravity's Rainbow, and everything in between. This site is our place to share not only our appreciation for the written word, but also to share the literary content and resources we've written and developed over the years. All that stuff we worked so hard on just to use once and then store away on our computers or in a folder somewhere? It was just too good to waste.

Which brings us to another, larger, purpose for this site: To offer a place for you to share your own literary content and resources. Have a great undergrad essay that's only ever been read by your professor and yourself? Go to the scholars section and share it. Have a short story or a poem that you're proud of? Share it on the writer's section. Just read a great book that you think everyone should read? Go to the reader's section and write a review. Have a lesson plan that was a wild success with your students? Share it in the teacher's section. Whatever you have to offer, help us make this a wonderful, sprawling, encyclopaedic, literary smorgasbord for all.

Some of the things you'll find here:

Lesson plans, lecture notes, tests, assignments, and rubrics for English Language and Literature teachers.

Summaries, analysis, and homework help for students of English Literature.

A place for writers to try out original work and get feedback.

Book reviews and original literary works for readers.

For scholars there is an essay exchange where you can read the scholarship of others and publish your own.

A children's literature page for parents and kids looking for great stuff to read.

We even have a traveler's page for the pilgrims and wanderers of literary landmarks.

What literary hat are you wearing today?

Note: This site is still under construction. There's not much here yet. Check back soon.